Step-by-Step: Here's How To Clean Up Your Routine

You know you need to clean up your beauty routine and limit the toxins in everyday items, but where do you even start?

From the brand research to financial commitment, it can be overwhelming going green.

Most people give up and stick with conventional because it's easier (and cheaper). It doesn't have to end that way for you. You can absolutely be a clean green goddess.

Here's the key. It's a journey. With plenty of small steps you can make big changes along the way. Here's how to keep the journey moving.

Every time you run out of something, replace it with a new, cleaner product. Out of toothpaste? Try a natural brand (we love David's). Low on body lotion? Time to rotate in a healthier version.

This makes the process easier and less of a shock to your wallet. You don't have to pick where to start, spend a small fortune, or replace everything you own. Use this time to research what brands you might want to try. You might even be able to score some samples from brands that interest you.

With this approach you're already on your way to a greener lifestyle.

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